theory of power efficient apps

with increasing of portable devices the battery and performance is going to be a problem but you can make efficient use of processor and hardware resources to make your app power efficient and quick . these are some of the methods to make power efficient software .

write small but usefull codes 

you most choose coding ways that uses less cpu resources . this mean your code most be quick so you reach to the aim quickly and cpu can process that code quickly and then because there isn’t any task to do, the cpu will go  to sleep or power saving mode , so it doesn’t use battery much.

changing information of the page(app) when needed :

think you have made an app that changes the information of the page due some facts and maybe need to exchange information from some database or some where so you most plan the best time to exchange data . if your app exchange data non-stop your app will spend processor power and will kill battery. also remember to change or reload parts of the page as less as don’t need to reload all of the parts.

– stop unnecessary actions in background

you must stop actions that are not necessary in the app and trying to waste processor power ( i mean just unnecessary actions ,  because some of the hard actions like computing heavy data must be done in the background so it will increase your app performance and your app will be quick )

let the user choose(battery or quality)

you most make your app intelligent so when battery is getting lower your app most let the user to choose between battery or the quality. you most show some setting for the user that can change quality of the app so user can use the app more.reducing quality can be removing animations or let the app exchange data less so however the app will lose a bit of it’s quality but user still will be able to use it with less quality .

this was some theory of making power efficient app but not all . you can think about other ways to make your app power efficient . if you have any other idea please let us know .

about this blog

hi in this blog we’ll write about ways to save power and efficient use of processors and other computing devices .

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